Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 15

Yea, 1 year under our belts...
we are becoming pros at this being wed thing!

(technically this was our second 1 year anniversary...just read this to understand if you haven't been following along :)

I was WAY to busy to actually post anything that day, and we managed to spend our time with my parents on a pontoon boat...and in a little bit of misting rain...

But we loved it

And I wouldn't have changed a thing

Like I said earlier, Mike got to go on the boat for the first time and also got to wakeboard
I did take pics, but they are on my parents camera back home...til next visit!

But I also love that Mike is still that sweet guy I fell in love with over 11 years ago, that's right

11 years ago

He makes my heart leap and trip and stumble every day (although I don' think he knows this fact...but will after he reads my blog :)

He wrote me the cutest e-mail the other day (he is also probably going to kill me for sharing it)...
but here it is...short and sweet and to the point

"I don’t think I tell you enough how wonderfully amazing and supportive you are.

Thank you so much for all that you do for us. You are incredible.

Thinking of you.


It made my month (it's been way too stressful this May and way to busy every day) something as sweet as that really reminded me of how much I am loved, day in and day out.

I mean, that's butterflies in the tummy and get weak in the knees loving

He's my main squeeze and I am the lucky one :)

Here's to many many more years of love and happiness with my one and only!

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