Monday, December 19, 2011

3 hour glucose test

Man, so I found out on last Friday that I failed my first glucose test...So this morning (literally ALL morning) was spent in the doctor's office.

I got there early, had blood drawn, drank a sugary filled drink and waited an hour...blood was drawn then and again at 2 hours and 3 hours after finishing the drink.

I am praying that I passed this one. I have heard there are multiple levels of "not passing" that can range anywhere from a restricted diet (with only 1600 calories...while pregnant...this seems IMPOSSIBLE!) to going to see and endocrinologist and having to get insulin shots...eeeeekkk! I hate shots, probably as most people do.

So, thankfully fnished my testing just before noon, headed out to get food and while driving I started to feel bad. Felt fine all during the 3 hours in the office, but once I had to drive around, I felt BAD!

I literally was sweating all over and was to the point of having the windows down (it's cold today and the air felt awesome to me, but I was probably the only crazy driving around with my windows down)...

Then the complete opposite happened...I get home and park, and start to feel REALLY cold. I start shaking and feel like climbing the stairs to get inside is maybe the hardest task I have faced in life, that bad.

I make it inside, eat food ravenously and cuddle under blankets after cranking the heat up in my house.

A few hours later, I am starting to feel more "normal" and like my usual self. Jeez, these tests are no fun.

Been feeling pretty lazy and wiped out, and about all I feel like doing is listening to audio books while laying on the couch snuggling with my doggy...that's right, I'm too lazy to even read, someone must do this for me too!

Hoping I feel back at it by tonight, but in the meantime, taking it nice and easy over here.

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