Friday, December 16, 2011

The best and the worst

Wednesday of this week was a best and worst day all rolled in one...

I had a check-up with my doctor for wiggly baby Kensington in my belly, a good thing, and no worries, all is good with her.

Buuuuuuut, it was also the day I had my glucose test. This means no eating 12 hours prior and drinking a sugary drink in the morning before the appointment.

So I head into the doc's office all hopped up on a sugar drink and that's all I got in my stomach. Not good for this girl who HAS to eat upon waking or I grow horns and become a grouch (no joke, as the hubby!)

Luckily they take me back right after I sign my name in, which NEVER happens at the doc's office, right?

So I sit and wait for my doctor and she comes in and does the usual, listens to heart beat, measures my belly and tells me how I am doing as far as weight gain/blood pressure/etc. All great there!

Then I have to head down to the lab to get blood drawn for the glucose test and also afterwards get a RhoGam shot. Since I have a "negative" blood type and the hubby is a "positive" blood type, there is potential if something (God forbid) should happen where baby girl's blood and mine mix, that it would be a bad to take precaution, I got a shot at 28weeks and will get another after! (not!!)

So, keep in mind, I only have a sugar drink in my system and have blood drawn and then get to stand up and get a shot in my butt! Yes, of all places, the RhoGam shot gets injected into your butt...sweet.

So, feeling lightheaded and dizzy I exclaim I need to sit down. Luckily the nurses there are so sweet and tell me to sit down and get me some cold compresses and tell me to drink my water and to get food in my stomach.

I happily sit, put the compress on my head and drink plentifully from my water bottle, practically chugging all 60 ounces it holds. I then get gingerly moved to the waiting room where they tell me not to leave until they have checked back in, and to eat something.

I scarf down peanut butter crackers and finish off my water and begin to regain consciousness and all...ugh.

The one thing I can say, despite all the "bad" parts (shots, blood drawn and being starved for a test), I know this will be all worth it when I get to hold my sweet baby girl...

Kensington, I can't wait to see your cute face!
(can someone push fast forward on the next couple months?!?)

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