Monday, December 5, 2011

The cutest thing everrrr

So this past weekend, hubby and I FINALLY got to go register for baby things.

I warned him in advance that I would most likely become overwhelmed with the idea of picking out things (all those different brands and things I have NO clue about)...and he calmly told me not to worry and that we could make a start and always come back to it.

So we go to good ole Babies R Us minutes after they opened (early bird catches the worm, right?)

We got a little lecture about the process and what items could be found where in the store and a massive list of things we should look into as "must-haves" on our registry
(holy cow batman!)

We then started off round the store and the cutest thing ever happened...

my husband became a total kid again!
(not that he doesn't have his moments, but we were in there for 2 hours and he was so excited the whole time!)

He took the little scanner gizmo and set off, scanning things that didn't even make sense to me.

Best part of all was getting to the room decor area for little girls and he saw this monkey clock first...

"OH...we NEEEEEEED this!"

Things only got better as we progressed through this section and he saw wall decals and multiple other things.

Of course, this was all on top of the millions of other items he scanned and loved too!

(he is soo cute and soo ready for this sweet baby girl to arrive)

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