Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baby Kensington's Room!!

My sweet little Kensington...

I hope you enjoy your room as much as mommy and daddy did/do in getting it ready for you...

(Beware, you are about to enter the realm of a future Diva)


The craziness of baby shower gifts and a room that needs to be fixed!

Coming in her doorway

Panning around her room...

towards her walk in closet

Her crib (put together quickly one night by her daddy!)

Photo album and frame that I can't WAIT to fill up with cute pictures and memories!!

A look into her crib, complete with crib mobile, blankie and stuffed animals

More animals and knick-knack boxes of baby things

Mommy and baby rocking chair with homemade blanket from a friend, boppy close by and a cute owl night light

Baby Calendar to fill out on her wall

Walk in closet...already packed full of stuff!

Cutest lil shoes for teeny tiny feet!

Can't wait to snuggle her in this fluff and puff snowsuit...especially since it's been snowing ALL day here...of course there will probably be none here when she actually comes...

A lovely sign of her nickname also from a friend...hanging in her room

Sassy door jumper...she won't be able to use this for a bit, but it was too cute to not put up already!

Baby girls Pack n play...she will most likely be living in this bad boy for a while, or at least enjoying naps and all as we stay downstairs throughout the day while I am home with her

Her swing/bouncer combo

So, all in all, baby girl, we are SO ready for your arrival and we really cannot wait for you to come into this world :)

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