Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My sweet husband

I'm really not sure what could be any cuter than my husband...
at least until baby girl gets here, I am pretty sure her chubby cheeks are going to win over anything else in the entire world in our eyes...

Sometimes I am not sure which one of us is more eager to meet Kensington...he came up last night after his really late soccer game and kept telling me how much he loved me and that he is excited to meet our sweet girl...and what can we do to get her here faster (if I knew, I would be all over it...promise!)

He talks to my belly (mostly math equations...never start too early right?)
He massages my poor swollen feet
He makes me dinners
He gets up to get me things at night so I can keep my feet propped up
He offers to do squats with me to *help* get her here sooner
He gets excited about installing a baby toy net in her room

I know he is just as excited (if not more sometimes) to meet our little baby girl, and that makes me happier than anything in the world

I already know he is going to excel at fatherhood and being an amazing parent
(I've seen him with my sister's kiddos and they adore him)

Now if we could only get OUR little girl here so we can both enjoy time with her as a new family...


We are ready to see you Kensington!

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