Monday, February 27, 2012

Single digit countdown days...

I still can't exactly believe that in 8 days or less, I am going to have a baby girl in my arms
completely dependent on me and her daddy
Sometimes when I look down at my belly, it's still hard to imagine that a little human being is in there
waiting to come join the world
in 8 short days or less!

I have my last and final doctor check-up tomorrow mid-morning and I am hoping that I hear more good news (as far as progressing goes)
I guess anything further along than what I was this past Thursday will be great news, really

I am not sure if any of the old wives tales work as far as helping induce labor or getting things going, but I have been doing my best at some of them...

I still park my car at the bottom of a hill and walk up to work and then back down at the end of the day
I also still walk all over the place while at work (since I work in a lab)

I work on the second floor of a building and take the stairs if traveling up and down
My house is also 2 stories, and I tend to need something on the other level...

attempting to get in 30 good squats a day

-exercise ball/birthing ball bouncing
recently started this one, but it's super comfy to sit on one of those balls and just if it helps get baby girl pushed down farther I will take it

-spicy foods
oh how I am craving chips and salsa daily...and I love medium I think I have had my fair share in the past week

I have heard that massaging 4 inches above your ankle on the inside of your leg or that meaty part in between your thumb and forefinger can help, plus massage feels so good

My husband had heard of some home brew tea that is supposed to knock you into labor, but he wasn't quite sure what it was called, so I plan to steer clear of that unless he gets a definitive product name.

I guess at this point with knowing that baby Kensington will be here for sure by March 6th (since I am going in to the hospital for an induction on March 5th), anything to help the process seems like an easier road at the hospital...right?

Any natural/home remedies you have heard of that I haven't been trying?
Tried any yourself that worked great/horribly?

Still...pretty pumped for what the future holds and the fact that I get to meet my baby girl VERY soon!

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  1. Yes! My coworker Lori took a castor oil cocktail when she was 2 weeks late this fall and the little man came! I can get the recipe if you'd like!