Sunday, February 12, 2012

36 week ultrasound and check-up

Let me start off by saying that I have one healthy baby in my belly.

She comes complete with super chubby cheeks, eyelashes and a mohawk of hair


Baby Kensington, top 2 pictures have her facing you and you can see her eyelids closed, nose, and lips...and super chubby cheeks...also note the mohawk puff of hair atop her head, and even some eyelashes!

My husband and I had our 36 week check up on Monday (2-6-12) and an ultrasound.  We got to see her sweet, chubby face, eyes closed, hair whipping around (well, not literally, but in my mind as much as she moves, she MUST be trying to do something with that hair-do)

The ultrasound tech took measurements to get an estimate of weight, which came out to be 7lbs 13 ozs

Now, in my mind this was great...delivering an almost 8lb baby sounds fantastic!

Now put on the fast forward button and we get to the meeting with my doctor...she tells me that that was what baby girl weighs NOW 

Holy Sheesh!

So, since I have 4 more weeks and babies tend to pack on 1/2 lb a week, add 2 more pounds to the estimate

Yes, you are right if you got almost 10 lbs of baby to birth

THEN to add to this, my Dr said this estimate could be off -/+ 1 lb, so if we go to the heavier side, we are talking almost 11 lbs

I kinda freaked

Not so much in her office

But definitely at home on the couch, snuggled with my dog and crying on the phone to my husband.

I think she was trying to inform me of options, saying if this scared me we could opt for a scheduled c-section, and if things progress and we make it to 40 weeks, then I may need to get induced.

There are plenty of other scary things she talked about that I will leave off, but let's just say that this new info is way different from what I had planned in my head.

I was really hoping to have a natural birth with no pain meds/induction/etc.  Just let my body do what it was made to do

So, now I am on a special diet which limits basically everything I want (so long pregnancy cravings which JUST started to come around within the last month) its meat, veggies and water...delicious!
(sarcasm...I wish I could eat breads and pastas and candy and soda and and and...)

But, on the brighter side of things, my mom had me (her 2nd child) a week late and I was born naturally weighing a hefty 9lbs 13 ozs...oddly enough the exact same predicted weight for my daughter...
Fate, perhaps?

I call it possible payback

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  1. lady bird! Trust in your body and do what your gut tells you! Everything will work out GREAT! You will do great! Thinking of you these final weeks!