Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby Showers Galore!

My husband and I are very fortunate to have wonderful co-workers as well as amazing friends and family.
We each had a shower at work
on top of a friends/family shower thrown back home

It was all amazing 
quite overwhelming!

My work surprised me and got me to come to a full on decorated lunch room complete with presents, decorations, and cupcakes by telling me that I needed to come see where some home made dumplings were being kept for me in the fridge.

I am a SUCKER for food

To my wonderment, my entire lab was standing in there waiting for my arrival...then the fun began!

We ate cupcakes made by one of my co-workers and I opened my gifts and marveled at each cute outfit, toy, etc!  It was all very generous and sweet!!

My husband, earlier in the same week, was given a card and gift certificate to one of our registry places.  I couldn't believe how nice that was considering he hasn't been working there very long.

The finale of baby showers ended last Saturday back home with friends and family.  It was SO great to see just about EVERYONE we invited!  There was even a good friend that flew in from Georgia to see us!

Diaper Cake from friends/family baby shower, made by Samantha
We played a few games (including guess how big around my husband and I are while hugging, the guys had balloon bellies and had to take shoes and socks off and put back on without popping balloon bellies, and a diaper relay race between boys and girls...naturally, girls won!)

We were literally showered with gifts and amazing things.  I couldn't believe it all.

Diaper Stroller/Bassinet from friends/family baby shower made by Amanda
And of course, reality set in a teensy bit more.

Yea, we are going to have a baby here in about 30 days


I feel at times we are overly ready, with room set up, diapers, wipes, toys, blankies, butt name it...

Then, other times, I worry about what if something happens and I have no idea what I am doing!

But then, I have to think to myself, everything will be O.K. and tons of other women have gone through the exact same things...and look how they are and how wonderful their children are...

So, hurry up March 6th, I am ready to see my baby girl!

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