Friday, February 24, 2012


So after a doctor check-up yesterday to see how baby girl is doing and if I am progressing any further, we had lots of good news!

Seems as though I have dilated a little farther (almost 2 cm) and have already become 50-60% effaced...

In saying this I have already had a few predictions on what day Baby Kensington will make her debut appearance...

I had a coworker that actually told me she had a feeling I would have her we shall see

My sister and I both think she is going to be a Leap Day baby

I am not sure when she will be here, but I know I am anxious to meet her and those sweet chubby cheeks!
Any predictions of your own??
(By the way, my due date is March 6th as a reminder...and my doctor is not going to let me go past...aka I am going to be induced by then, so nothing really past March 7th would be feasible...)
Happy Friday to all! 
Enjoy the weekend and all it may have to offer :)

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