Monday, November 7, 2011

Finally getting my Halloween post up

Ugh, I think I have been too busy for my own good...

or maybe just lazy...

But I am going to say busy all day, which makes me lazy at night!

Anyways, I wanted to share a picture of our house all decorated for Halloween.

We were going to play some scary music from inside our house to top it off, but I am glad we didn't.

We could hear these cute kiddos saying..."That's scary!" or "This place is creepy!"

I guess things look a lot different in the eyes of a kid...I thought our house looked amazing!

Made me wanna put on a costume and go Trick or Treating again!

We had pumpkins we had carved, ghost lights up the side of our driveway, a cemetery arch that blows up with air and had lights, little pumpkin lights hanging on the porch, a sign on our door, plastic bags that looked like pumpkins filled with leaves on the lawn, a couple of headstones, and some fake spider webs with spiders.

We have talked about maybe doing some sort of walk through in our garage for next year...but that all may change since we will have a small munchkin of our own!

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