Thursday, November 17, 2011

May the G Force be with you

Last weekend my family was in town to sorta celebrate my birthday
and go to G Force Karts!

I, of course, did not ride these things, although I wanted to very badly

We had bought Groupons a while back and they expire in December, so this seemed like a great time to get family together and have fun!

We met up with my cousins and a few others and had a BLAST!

my big kid (aka my husband) right in front, followed by my sister and friends/family! Lillie (My sister's little girl) being super cute!
Corbin (my sister's son) slapping his helmet to get ready!
Corbin ready to go!!

my husband, the speed racer! (love him big time)

and all this can be complete without some snippets of video!
1. Corbin
2. sister
3. husband
4. my cousins

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