Thursday, November 10, 2011


Every morning when I first wake up around 6:15 ish,
I lay in bed for a while...

Sometimes I find it hard to go back to sleep
(I really don't get out of bed til about 6:40,
mainly due to having to take medicine and wait 30 min before I can eat!)

So I lay there and think about the day to come,
listening to the snoring man that I adore beside me...

Then the magic happens

Little Kensington kicks or punches

And all is right in the world

It is such a magical feeling
(and also makes me feel reassured that all is somewhat ok in there)
knowing there is another being in my belly and that she is waking up too

Then mommy-to-be stumbles outta bed, gets ready and feeds the both of us

I think that may be my favorite time of day,
either that or after dinner when I eat dessert
and she kicks wildly again

Such a happy baby girl, growing bigger each day

Mommy can't wait to see/hold you!

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