Wednesday, January 11, 2012

32 weeks, 8 more weeks to go!

Pics taken at 32 weeks, 1 day

  1. How far along? 32 wks, 1 day
  2. Maternity clothes? maternity clothing
  3. Stretch marks? still no :)
  4. Sleep? sleeping peacefully still!
  5. Best moment last week? starting lamaze class and learning so much and also going to Baltimore this past weekend and having a bunch of friends actually feel Kensington kicking/punching away!
  6. Movement? almost all the time!Still getting hiccups every once in a while
  7. Symptoms? linea negra, upper back pain, dreams, pelvic pressure, Braxton Hicks contractions...AND we have started to have swelling in my feet and sometimes hands after long days at work... :(
  8. Gender? Baby girl...Kensington!!
  9. Labor signs? nothing!
  10. Belly button in/out?  it's out there!
  11. What I miss?  Being able to go about my day and not have to prop my feet up or take it easy to reduce/eliminate swelling
  12. Looking forward to? Lamaze tour...actually getting our stroller and car seat from the store we purchased from back before Christmas!
  13. What's going on with Baby A? (from

your baby at 32 weeks
  • She's getting ready for her descent -- she's likely in the head-down position now.
  • And she's probably feeling a even more cramped.

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