Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Promise to Catch up...

...sometime in the near future!

Life has been crazy with the Christmas Holiday, New Year and getting back to work...not to mention a bunch of house projects and getting things decided about day care and pediatricians and the like...not to mention starting Lamaze class and other baby preparatory things!

So, I haven't been totally ignoring my blog

I LOVE my blog and being able to write things and express, especially so I can look back on it and remember all the good, bad and in between.

So, eventually I will get to posting about Christmas, New Year, house projects and everything else going on...

But, don't hold your breath...we are travelling this weekend and time before then is pretty short.

Hope everyone had a great new year, I know I enjoyed mine (and stayed up to kiss the hubby too!!) and kicking in my belly Kensi has been good so far this year...still can't wait for March to get here!

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