Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Endless Support

Since this baby girl is coming in less than 2 months now, hubby and I have been through 3 out of 5 of our Lamaze classes.

I will have to say that being in a class vs. seeing/reading about what actually goes on is quite a difference

I think I have learned SO much in just 3 classes that I could tackle the world if need's that serious!  The preparedness that we BOTH feel is immeasurable.  I can think back to before classes and we were both pretty set on me having to get an epidural for pain...but, after going through 3 classes and hearing about the natural laboring/birthing processes, we are both changed minds.

That's right, we are trying our best for a low intervention birth!

(holy cow, did I really just write that?!?)

It may seem crazy to some, but after learning that my body truly knows what to do and when to do it, and living through painful menstrual cramps, playing vball for ~3 hours with a broken finger, and countless other painful moments in life...I think my body can handle this.  The main reason I know/am confident in this is...

my amazing husband.

He told me last night as class was letting out that he has no doubt in his mind that we can do this naturally and without any help from medications.

That's right..."WE".

This birthing process is not all on me, hubby has been learning every trick in the book in order to keep me focused, calm, and as relaxed as possible on the whole process...and he has been so supportive thus far.  It really puts my mind at ease knowing that he backs me 100%...nothing better than having a supportive partner seeing this process through with you...

It might also be nice that my Lamaze instructor exclaimed "You plan to do a low intervention birth, right?" last night as we stayed behind to get a few questions answered...she said after taking one look at my long, lean, slender body (minus that baby bump exploding off the front of me) and she knows I have played Division I volleyball and endured through so much with that...she also has 100% belief in us making it through a natural, low intervention birth as well.  And she has been a doula, Lamaze instructor for over 25 years!

I guess I should trust in those around me as well as the thoughts in my own head, since I feel the same way too!

At the same time, I am not completely rejecting anything and know that I need to keep a clear, open mind about this process in case something happens to go awry and it is necessary to stray from our plan for a low intervention birth...I think in doing this and keeping my mind open to all the "tools in my hospital bag", that the entire process will be an amazing journey.

Still, I can't wait to hold sweet baby Kensington on my chest after delivery and see her sweet face!

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  1. Yes, our bodies ARE designed perfectly to give birth! And you can totally do it drug-free :) Still one of the best decisions I ever made was to go no intervention, 100% natural, drug-free birth with Ella. Good luck--you can do it!