Wednesday, January 4, 2012

31 weeks 1 day...9 weeks/62 days to go!!

Pics taken at 31 weeks, 1 day

  1. How far along? 31 wks, 1 day
  2. Maternity clothes? maternity clothing
  3. Stretch marks? still no :)
  4. Sleep? sleeping peacefully still!
  5. Best moment last week? can I just say the whole week...being able to spend time off from work with my husband and do house projects or watch tv all day...glorious!
  6. Movement? still crazy in there, more hiccups too
  7. Symptoms? linea negra, upper back pain, crazy dreams, pelvic pressure, first Braxton Hicks contractions
  8. Gender? Baby girl...Kensington!!
  9. Labor signs? nothing!
  10. Belly button in/out?who am I kidding, it's out there!
  11. What I miss?being off from work...first day back today, so I did have Monday off too which was nice!
  12. Looking forward to?we start Lamaze class TONIGHT!  Excited to see other pregnant women and learn more about what is going on with me and this baby girl!
  13. What's going on with Baby A? (from

your baby at 31 weeks
  • He's going through major brain and nerve development.
  • Eye development, too. His irises now react to light!
  • All five of his senses are in working order.

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