Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baltimore Trip!

A couple we know lives in Baltimore now and we went up for a visit with some other friends this passed weekend.  Lucky for us, the weather was warmer and more bearable as we walked the streets!
(especially for me since my winter coat no longer zips up the front!)

My husband and I arrived around 9 Friday night and stayed up talking and catching up with our friends til almost 2 am!  The next morning after a lovely pumpkin pancake breakfast we headed off in search of some cute shops...and naturally went into a baby store.  They had the cutest clothes and shoes and bows...I had to leave before I got caught up in all of it!

We made it to lunch at a Mexican place which had awesome chips and salsa.  I ordered a burrito which was pretty great too!  Stuffed, we walked around some more and made it back to relax and refresh before our other friends arrived.

Once the rest of the gang arrived we headed out to get more of a feel of Baltimore and went through a market that sold Berger cookies.  Now, my first though when I heard "burger" was a meat cookie...not too appealing...but these bad boys were a rich fudgy chocolate slathered on a cookie that wasn't too sweet to balance it all!

If I could have bought a ton of them, I may have eaten them til I was sick...
That's how good they were!

We also stopped in at a bar for a drink or two (well, water for me) and to chit chat some more before we headed back to the apartment and got ready for our dinner Sticky Rice!!  I love sushi and hadn't had any since my birthday, so this was a treat!

We hopped over to a bar afterwards and finally made it back to the apartment for Cranium and other games...I hit the hay around 1am, but apparently most others were up much later!

The morning was a slow start for all as we crept outta bed around 11:30...another amazing breakfast, packing and on the road around 2pm to head home.

We had such a great time and I can't wait for another trip!
 walking the streets


The couple who hosted us


Couple friends all being in cute!

Gotcha Ben!

 Boys...being boys!

Striking a pose...

We love Baltimore!

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  1. so fun!!! looks like you guys had such a good time!