Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Celebrations

I always love Christmastime spent with family.

My husband and I always have multiple Christmas celebrations, one with my family, one with his and occasionally one of our own :)

This year we had a mini-celebration with his family earlier on since his sister and her boyfriend were in town from London!  We were both SO excited they were able to come back over since they had just been here for Thanksgiving!!  That was present enough for me :)

It was nice to see them trim the tree and decorate and then to sit around and hang out with one another.  I was thrilled to get a wonderful tempurpedic pillow...this thing puts me to sleep and keeps me asleep!  I can't say enough good things about it, but for a 7+month pregnant woman, this thing is amazing!

We then bustled over to Massanutten to meet up with my family at a house my parents found and rented for the weekend.  Getting to see my sister's kids is always fun.  They are exploding with energy and luckily my husband is always willing to help waste some of it and keep them occupied.  I can really tell they love their uncle :)

We had planned to go to the indoor water park and spent much of one day there.  I spent most of my time on the lazy river and the pool part, just sitting and relaxing.  It was very nice!  Of course I did miss not being able to go on the slides and tube rides, and of course the adult hot tub which was really hot (according to my mom).

The next day was Christmas and my husband and I may have been first awake around 5:45...actually he woke me up and was so excited.  Did I mention how adorable he is?

We had to wait til almost 7:30 for the kids to get up and outta bed and creep downstairs to see what Santa had brought.  They were both really cute and barely awake as they gazed upon to gifts.

We spent the rest of the morning opening gifts and looking through stockings and saying thanks for all the wonderful things.  Then it was on to cooking!  We had a wonderful meal that filled us all up and gave us tons of energy for the afternoon-which was good since we went to the arcade.  We were going to go tubing down the slopes, but it had been SO warm, that we figured it wasn't worth it-plus the kids (and us adults) always enjoy the arcade.

We wrapped things up Monday morning and headed back home where my husband and I went to his parents house to spend more time with his family, especially since his sister and her boyfriend were leaving out on Wednesday.

We planned to go to the movies to see the Sherlock Holmes movie Monday evening and went to Cinebistro-really loved the movie!

His sister and her boyfriend stayed the night with us and ended up finishing up the tiling work in our guest bathroom the next morning before the Harlequins rugby game came on...their favorite team!

It was fun to watch rugby and to get to learn more of the rules and afterwards they headed back home.

All in all, I would say we had a very nice Christmas!

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