Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gender Reveal Party!

There was much planning, decorating and time that went into planning our Gender Reveal Party yesterday.

But every bit of it was well worth it in my eyes.

I got cupcakes from a local place that were filled either blue or pink (it all depended on the ultrasound picture)...i decorated the tops with cute little baby bottles, carriages and rocking horses of various boy/girl and gender neutral colors

And also got a box from work, wrapped it, and took it to a place to have balloons placed inside (more for the kiddos at the party to be around)

There were also other decorations hanging around

And Channing had to sport his choice, wearing a blue shirt...

I prepped some yummy baked ziti, salad and french garlic bread as well as set out tubs of drinks for all ages (beers, wines, waters, capri suns)

Everone started arriving around 11 ish and we couldn't wait much past 12 when another couple showed up from far away...

It was time for everyone to grab a cupcake and for me to open the box of balloons with the kids





IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!

See the video taken by our good friend Dana for all the happiness...

I am a total softy and began crying (HAPPY tears)...

We are so so very excited and can't wait to meet our sweet baby girl in March

We may have also settled on the name Kensington too...

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  1. Soooooo happy for you!! Girls are just the best :)