Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Highs and Lows

So, today was an amazing day and crappy all in one

Let me explain what I mean...

My hubby and I slept in a bit this morning and were anxiously excited for our ultrasound this morning (which went wonderfully...this was the "high" part of the day)

We got to see Baby A moving around, waving hands and wiggling feet...we were shown the face and could see the eyes, nose, lips, chin...we were even able to see the chambers of the heart fluttering and working hard to pump blood through the body (which was pretty cool when the tech added in the red and blue colors to symbolize oxygenated/deoxygenated blood and where it was in the body)

Prolly the coolest part was having the tech take a picture of Baby A's "parts" area and place it in an envelope so we can be surprised along with all our family and close friends on Oct 22nd at our Gender Reveal Party!!

So now Baby A is an actual boy or more of this in the middle/hasn't developed those parts yet kinda thing....time flies doesn't it?

We left with a picture of Baby A's cute lil foot and another of Baby A's face staring at us (which is actually a little creepy looking to me since the baby looks like a skeleton type thing and hasn't gotten all that cute baby fat yet).

We also left knowing that Baby A was very healthy with a heartbeat of 153 beats/min and weighing in around 11 oz with a head full of brains (kiddo is smart already!)...we are right on target and where we should be for our due date of March 6, 2012.

Now, for the low of the day

(If you are content with the first "happy" part, please don't bother making this post be a "debbie downer" and just stop reading...)

So, we are walking back to our cars getting ready to part for the day and head in to work, talking about how badly we wanted to peek in the envelopes that contain what Baby A is SO badly...

We get to my car which was parked closer in the parking deck and we are saying our goodbyes and hugs/kisses and all that good stuff.

I open my car door and am about to get in when I notice that there is a bunch of stuff on my passenger seat...

And I am kinda a neat freak, so my car is pretty tidy on most occasions, so I think to myself, did I pull this stuff out and leave it here

Simple answer: No

More in depth answer: Stupid me, I forgot to lock my car and someone has broken in and thrown stuff everywhere and goodness knows what they have taken...elicit freak out moment and yell for hubby-NOW

So, hubby comes back over and I explain that I think my car was broken into and my silly "baby brain" forgot to lock my car at a HOSPITAL in the PARKING DECK (where technically you would *think* your car is safe, but-no, no my friends...)

I am a lot freaked out and get weirded out knowing someone I don't know has been in my car, touching my stuff and doing things in here and I could tell hubby was angry...

We attempted to go get the security people and let them know since a camera was really close to my car and may have caught the guilty person in action...

no one on duty there...perfect...typical...just my luck

We even tried to head in somewhere and tell someone, but the office buildings are suites containing way too many places...

so we turned back and realized that really the only thing taken was the $0.15 I maybe had in my car and the emergency road side car kit from my trunk.

Really, all in all, no harm done...just the fact that some creepy mc-creeperson has been in my car

Naturally, after work I came straight home and cleaned my car.

Lesson learned, do not leave car unlocked AND be happy that I leave nothing important in my car ever!

(oh, and I did end up calling the place I went to for my appointment to let them know...they told/passed it on to security...I didn't want this jerk getting any else's things and getting away with it!)

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  1. oh no! that's a bummer. but i bet nothing beats seeing your little baby! and how fun that you're doing the gender party! Very cool!

    your bump looks very cute.